Lawyer Marketing Video: How To Sue Drug Companies For Free – 6,500 YouTube Views And Counting

Read the full article below after you’ve watched the video.

I’m still hearing the same old lament over and over again from attorneys, lawyers and law firm marketing directors: “Marketing on the Internet is a waste of time.”

Well…did it ever occur to you that you simply don’t know what you’re doing?

Here is a video from that is titled “How To Sue Drug Companies For Free.” It explains how you can sue a drug company even if you have no money using the contingency fee structure that we have in America.

No rocket science in this thing so far… right?

It was posted on May 01, 2007 and since then it has been viewed 6,557 times! That’s about 730 times per month.

Here’s the best part part – the girl who did the video isn’t even a lawyer she’s a consumer advocate/activist.

How many of you out there could have made this same video?

What would you have done with 6,000 plus calls to your office?

Watch the video below and note two things:

1. No fancy sets.

2. No fancy scripting.

3. Filmed in an office (you’ve all got offices right?)

Think you can learn something here? (Be honest!)

If this doesn’t convince you to get streaming video working in your practice I think you’re beyond all hope.


  1. Wow, what an impressive video. I am just now becoming aware of how powerful Youtube and other video sharing sites can be to creating traffic.

    However, for those of us who are even less technical (hopefully I’m not the only one), a very simple video can be made by converting Powerpoint presentations to videos using Microsoft Movie Maker.

    Movie Maker is one of those little-known programs that come bundled on most Windows packages. Chances are, it is on your computer.

    Anyway, I love your blog and I am writing a post on my own blog about this article. You can check it out at .

    Charles Brown

  2. Kirk Ward says:


    I have to agree that this is an impressive video. I don’t know many YouTube videos where the viewer will sit through nine minutes of discussion, but I sat through this entire video.

    It is a powerful example of professional marketing, and I hope you don’t mind if I post your link on my blog as an example of professional marketing information.

    Kirk Ward

  3. It seems lawyer videos are now the in thing to reach lots of consumers.

  4. ny says:

    What I want to know is WHAT makes this video so watchable?
    This is not something i would have watched on my own, especially at almost ten minutes, yet i did. However, when I’m watching a video that I have sought out based on MY interests, anything more than two minutes and i’m bored…what is it about THIS video that it got so many views?


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